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Flamenco Mystery 2.0

The most famous Flamenco dancer in Madrid has disappeared under very suspicious circumstances... Your INCOGNITO detective team is sent on a secret mission to the flamenco tablao where she worked to sneak into the new bailaora'a dressing room Your goal? Sneak into the dressing room while all the staff is on the show and discover all the secrets of the tablao! But be careful, you'll only have one hour to solve the case!


60 min

2-7 players

Medium High

10 years accompanied, 14 years alone

Spanish, English, French

Book now

If you don't know for sure how many you are  going to be, book for 2 people.  If you are more people, you can pay the rest once you come here to play your session. 

The overall experience lasts 1h30. Come AT THE EXAT TIME of your session (neither before nor after). 

Game suitable for pregnant women and accessible to people with reduced mobility. Children can play alone from 14 years old, or 10 years accompanied.

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