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All our escape rooms

  • Steampunk Operation

    A break was detected in the space-time continuity, Ferdinand von Zeppelin was working on a dangerous find

    • 60 min
    • 2-6 players
    • Escape Room
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  • Escape The Lost Pyramid VR

    Take part in the most amazing journey of your life and discover ancient Egypt like you could never imagine... UBISOFT's first Escape Room based on Assassin's Creed.

    • 60 min
    • 2 or 4 players
    • VR Escape Room
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  • VR Escape Room: Beyond Medusa's Gate

    Travel to ancient Greece with this Virtual Reality Escape Room, created by Ubisoft and based on the Assassin's Creed universe

    • 60-70 min
    • 2 or 4 players
    • VR Escape Room
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  • Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time

    Live the most extraordinary adventure ever created for an Escape Room in Virtual Reality

    • 60-80 min
    • 2-3 or 4 players
    • VR Escape Room
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  • The Robbery

    The greatest heist in history awaits you...

    • 60 min
    • 10-100 people
    • Hall Escape
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  • The Drag Escape Room

    • Escape Room
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Choose your favorite format

The escape games have diversified in recent years, offering us diferent and original options: escape rooms, hall escapes, escape box, escape cubes, mobile escapes, garden escapes, and so much more...
Here you have some of the trendiest escape formats.

Escape Room

The best known form of escape is escape rooms. A closed and set space in which a tema tries to escape in a certain time. You will have to put your heads to work together (not literally, please), to find evidence, solve enigmas and achieve your goal, with the help of your game master, an actor in disguise. With friends, your couple or your bosses, you finally have an alternative to monopoly.

VR Escape Room

Because nothing is impossible for our imagination, the Escape Rooms in Virtual Reality (VR Escape Room) Allow you to be transported to unique places, overcome extraordinary challenges and live sensational experiences. If you haven't tried them yet, be careful! You may never want to go to back reality.

Escape Room with an actor

Escape Rooms with an actor are even more immersive than traditional Escape Rooms, since one or more actors will be part of the game entering the room where you are solving the puzzles. These escape games with an actor have additional component of interaction with a character that will help you and give you essential elements to solve the puzzles.

Hall Escape

Design for big groups, hall escape rooms allow multiple teams to play at the same time in the same space. They are ideal for bithdays, teambuildings, farewells or your football team, if it rains that Sunday. In this format, the room isn't an element of the game, the puzzles are organized in replicated game units among which the teams are distributed. Some games are also portables, so you can play them at home, in a school, in a company, in a rail station bathrooms or whenever you want.

Escape Box

Yes, a box is a box, but it doesn't mean that you are going to be lock down in one. Escape Box are as intense as they are fun. You have to put all you neurons to work to solve one element, for example a box!. A mix of magic and puzzles. They are also portable, soy you can play them wherever you want.

Express Escape

Short games between 5 to 15 min. Very intense and full of surprises (wow effects). They usually have actors to fulfill the experience. They are perfect for events with big audiences. You can do plenty of sessions to optimize game time.

Escape Cube

It's ideal for malls, fairs or exhibitions. Escape Cube it's an structure that allow you to desing a pop up escape. Cubes are games semi portables especially suitable for promotional events, stands or even tours with stops in several cities.

Children's Escape Room

Children's escape rooms are games designed especially for kids. Not everyone can solve puzzles of logic and observation with the same ease... Exactly, we cannot let the elderly feel like "dinosaurs" simply because they were born in the wrong century. This rooms are perfect for families, but children can play without a parent or a tutor too, because the puzzles are adapted to their age. Perfectp for birthdays, camps, schools... There are also Escape box and Escape Halls for children.

Escape Online

Because you cannot always move to play an escape Room, you can now enjoy this type of leisure remotely! There are many variants of online escapes, with or without a game master, in large or small groups, or even individually. Escape Rooms Online are ideal for company teambuildings and corporate meetings.

Custom Escape

We love designing totally custom escape rooms. So if you are organizing a birthday, a wedding or a bachelor party, we can create a unique escape room for you or for your company

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